Wrench Your Ride Service

Are you the type who appreciates working on their own bike but you’re lacking some of the more specific tools and a well organized work-space?

When it comes to building that new bike or installing a new part, do you “kind-of, sort-of” know what you’re doing but you could use some helpful and professional guidance?

Perhaps you should take advantage of the Wrench-Your-Ride service available at Gorge Bike Repair and fix-it-yourself!

The Wrench-Your-Ride service allows you to build, service, and maintain your bike in an open and educational bicycle workshop.

  • $15/hour - most individuals repair can be done in an hour
  • $60/month - you can learn a lot in a month
  • $350/year - for the ultimate DIYer

Wrench-Your-Ride service is available by reservation. Call, text, email, or stop into the shop to schedule a time.

What’s included
  • Use of repair stand
  • Use of tools
  • Shop supplies (rags, lubes, etc.)
  • Access to a professional bike mechanic for questions and guidance
  • Final checkover of work done
What’s not included
  • Parts (parts are available or you can bring your own)
  • Oils/Sealant (brake fluid $1/bleed, fork oil $3-10/fork, sealant $2.50/tire)
Other important notes
  • You will need to have at least a basic understanding of how a bicycle works and should be comfortable using hand-tools.
  • Bike repair takes time and sometimes, often, things don’t go as planned.
  • While I will lend my guidance and support to get the job the done, you will get your hands dirty.
  • Some tools are very expensive and might require oversight and assistance when used.

This service is not for everyone, if you do not have the time, motivation, and/or desire to work on your own bike you can always have me work on it for you. Check out the service rates page.